Learn more about the CME Member Survey

What is this survey about? The purpose of this survey is to allow as many voices from our constituency around the world to be heard as we engage our strategic ministry planning discernment and discovery process. This is our first strategic planning process in the history of our denomination, and it is critical for us to help as many CME Church members to participate. Your feedback will help us to more clearly discern what The Lord is saying about the future of our denomination, and determine how we should collectively respond.

How do I know I should take the survey? We are asking every member, regular attender, adult, youth and senior citizen, male and female, clergy and laypersons from the CME Church to take this survey. Your voice is important to us!

How long will it take me to complete the survey? Most people should be able to complete the survey within twenty minutes.

Who will be able to see my responses? Your answers will be anonymous. A summary of responses from your congregation will be kept confidentially by the survey team, and a summary of the denominations responses will be made public in advance of our next denominational gathering in 2019. Your name and personal information will not be disclosed. Once the data has been collected, analyzed, summarized and presented, your data record will be destroyed.